H.E. Ambassador Dr. Bashir Mohabbat's Activities

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Appointments with The Imperial Family of Japan

seal-of-the-emperor January 12, 2018: Ceremony of the Utakai-Hajime for 2018 at the Imperial Palace.
seal-of-the-emperor January 1, 2018: Attendance at New Year Celebration at Invitation of H.M. the Emperor.
seal-of-the-emperor December 23, 2017: Conveying to H.M. the Emperor Heartfelt Birthday Congratulations.
IMG_2980 December 14, 2017: Attendance at Imperial Duck Netting Party.
seal-of-the-emperor December 12, 2017: Audience with Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress at the Imperial Palace.
IMG_2100 November 9, 2017: Attendance at Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress’ Garden Party at Imperial Gardens.
IMG_0962 October 3, 2017: Attendance at Japan through Diplomats' Eyes 2017 Reception
Ukai H.E. Akiyama August 2-3, 2017: The Mohabbats Attend the Cormorant-Fishing Party and City Tour in Gifu Prefecture
IMG_9938 July 19, 2017: H.E. Dr. Mohabbat Presents his Letter of Credence to His Majesty the Emperor of Japan

Diplomatic Appointments

IMG_6338 February 18, 2018: Attendance at the 5th Afghan Kite Festival.
3665 February 14, 2018: Director-General Yoshimura, JETRO officials welcomed. One Village, One Product program discussed
AFG-DNK February 14, 2018: Dr. Mohabbat Visits Danish Embassy for Condolence Book Signing.
AFG-IRN February 9, 2018: Attendance at Reception on occasion of 39th Anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
IMG_3575 February 8, 2018: Courtesy Call on H.E. MEXT Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi.
IMG_5634 February 6, 2018: Courtesy Call by H.E. Acting Head Mashaalah Shakeri of the Iranian Embassy of Japan, at the Embassy.
IMG_5432 January 29, 2018: Meeting with Deputy Chief of Mission, Minister Hara of the Embassy of Japan in Kabul at the Embassy in Tokyo.
IMG_5213 January 26, 2018: Reception Honoring Delegates from Ministry of Finance and UNITAR Japan.
IMG_3515 January 26, 2018: Attendance at the Reception on the Occasion of the 69th Republic Day of India.
IMG_3502 January 24, 2018: Dinner at the Ambassador’s Residence for H.E. Minister Seiko Noda.
IMG_4967 January 23, 2018: Reception to Welcome Delegation Members from Ministry of Women's Affairs, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Information, the Private Sector, and JENESYS.
OCAJI Group January 23, 2018: Attendance at 2018 OCAJI New Year’s Celebration.
26honkaigi4_1 January 22, 2018: Attendance at the Opening Ceremony of the 196th Ordinary Session of the National Diet of Japan in the Chamber of the House of Councillors.
AFG-HRV January 17, 2018: Dinner Party Hosted by H.E. Ambassador of Croatia.
AFG-IRN January 17, 2018: Condolence Book Signing at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
IMG_3403 January 16, 2018: Attendance at ‘Tokyo Ambassadors Night’ Hosted by H.E. Ms. Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo.
IMG_3314 January 11, 2018: Meeting with H.E. Mr. Jose C. Laurel V, Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines, at the Embassy of Philippines, with Mr. Ghafoori.
IMG_4648 January 11, 2018: Meeting with Chief Representative of JICA’s Afghanistan Office, Hon. Mr. Watanabe.
IMG_3247 January 5, 2018: Attendance at Joint New Year’s Party Hosted by Keizai Doyukai, The Japan and Tokyo Chambers for Commerce and Industry, and Keidanren.
seal-of-the-emperor December 26, 2017: Congratulating of Iraqi Embassy on Momentous Occasion.
seal-of-the-emperor December 22, 2017: Birthday Reception of H.M. the Emperor hosted by H.E. Foreign Minister Kono.
000318692 December 22, 2017: Warm welcome extended by Hon. Mr. Yamaguchi of the Komei Party.
000318692 December 21, 2017: Seasonal Greeting, gratitude conveyed to Hon. Mr. Iijima, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister and Senior Fellow at Keidanren.
000318692 December 19, 2017: Independence Day Reception of the Republic of Kazakhstan attended.
000318692 December 18, 2017: Luncheon hosted by H.E. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
AFG-ROU December 15, 2017: Condolence Book Signing at Embassy of Romania for the Late King Michael I.
IMG_2987 December 15, 2017: Courtesy Call on H.E. State Minister Sato.
IMG_2949 December 13, 2017: Attendance at National Day Reception of Qatar.
IMG_2922 December 12, 2017: Attendance at the 54th Independence Anniversary of the Republic of Kenya Reception.
IMG_2937 December 8, 2017: Dinner at the Embassy for Hon. Mr. Yamaguchi of Komeito.
IMG_4514 December 8, 2017: Visit by Touring Afghan Teachers, Administrators, and Ministry of Education Officials.
AFG-THA December 8, 2017: Condolence Book Signing at Thai Embassy.
IMG_2886 December 7, 2017: Guest Lecturer at Meijo University.
ThaiAmbo December 5, 2017: Attendance at the National Day Reception of Thailand.
SwissRecep December 1, 2017: Reception with Friends of Humanitarian Action at Swiss Embassy
IMG_4100 November 30, 2017: Courtesy Call by Herat University Chancellor
IMG_3950 November 30, 2017: Courtesy Call by Mr. Tamura of the Sosei Group.
images November 29, 2017: Attendance at the Public Symposium Hosted by Ochanomizu University
Mikami November 29, 2017: Meeting with H.E. Mr. Masahiro Mikami
IMG_2680 November 27, 2017: Attendance at the 46th National Day Reception of UAE.
IMG_2599 November 25, 2017: Attendance at the Open Seminar: “The Bridge to the Future from Chubu- From Afghanistan to Japan and from Japan to Afghanistan.”
IMG_3941 November 23, 2017: Attendance at the Imagine One World Kimono Party
IMG_3488 November 21, 2017: Visit by the Representatives of the Afghan Students' Union
IMG_3466 November 21, 2017: Courtesy Call by Mr. Keiichi Hara and Mr. Yasuo Kitano.
Chingis A - Kyrg November 20, 2017: Kyrgyz Independence Day Reception.
SATO November 20, 2017: Reception for H.E. Mr. Masahisa Sato, State Minister of Foreign Affairs
Saiki November 20, 2017: Introduction Party of the New President of the Middle East Institute of Japan
IMG_2338 November 20, 2017: Attendance at the 47th National Day of the Sultanate of Oman Reception
IMG_2304 November 16, 2017: Attendance at the 24th Yomiuri International Cooperation Award Ceremony.
IMG_2278 November 16, 2017: Farewell Luncheon for His Excellency Dr. Reza Nazarahari, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Japan

Momentous Highlights

December 14, 2015: Welcome Reception for H.E. Ahmad Zia Massoud, the President's Extraordinary Representative
November 10, 2015: Press Conference about Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul Exhibition
August 29, 2015: H.E. Ambassador Hosts Dinner Reception for H.E. the First Lady

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