Mr. Hamdard Attends the Press Briefing on Nuclear Terrorism Countermeasure at the Foreign Press Center

August 9, 2017: Mr. Basir Hamdard, first secretary of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Japan, and Reo Watanabe, intern of the Embassy, attended a press briefing by the Integrated Support Center for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security (ISCN), which was held at the Foreign Press Center in Uchisaiwaicho, Tokyo.

At the briefing, Mr. Yosuke Naoi, head of the ISCN, discussed the importance of separating the trend of peaceful usage of nuclear energy from that of malicious intent, as well as the current threat which nuclear terrorism poses and what has been done to prevent such acts from happening, especially by the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency and its division, ISCN.

The press briefing was attended by a number of members of the press and members of diplomatic missions in Tokyo. Following the briefing, Mr. Hamdard exchanged greetings with Mr. Naoi, and others who attended the briefing and discussed topics of mutual interests.