Introduction Party of the New President of the Middle East Institute of Japan Saiki


November 20, 2017: First Secretary, Mr. Basir Ahmad Hamdard, had the honor and pleasure of attending the party with his Excellency the Ambassador of Afghanistan. This party was held to introduce the new President of the Middle East Institute of Japan, Mr. Akitaka Saiki, former Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Hamdard had the pleasure of meeting with several academics and many diplomats with whom he discussed various topics of mutual interest. He had a discussion with H.E. Mr. Keniichiro Matsubayashi, Director of the Second Middle East Division of the Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau about topics of mutual interest.

During the party, Mr. Hamdard expressed his congratulations to the new president and agreed that Mr. Hamdard will visit this institute to discuss ways in which a link can be made between this institution and similar academic institutions in Afghanistan so that Japan and Afghanistan's academic relations can be strengthened. Also, Mr. Hamdard has promised to send the embassy's quarterly newspaper to the Middle East Institue of Japan. President Saiki expressed his appreciation to Mr. Hamdard and is looking forward to receiving the newspaper as it will provide the institution with a new and current look at Afghanistan developments and achievements.