Dr. Azimi & Mr. Akbari join Regional Promotion Seminar of the 2018 fiscal year organised by MOFA and local governments at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo


June 21, 2018: It was a great honor for Dr. Rahim Azimi, the First Secretary of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and Mr. Abdulzaman Akbari, Third Secretary and Human Resource Development of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, to join the Regional Promotion Seminar of the 2018 fiscal year jointly organised by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the local governments of Hagi (Yamaguchi Prefecture), Niigata Prefecture, the Goto Islands (Nagasaki Prefecture), and Yabu City (Hyogo Prefecture) at the Banquet Rooms "Pegasus" and Galaxy" in the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. The Seminar was separated into two sessions:

During the first session of the seminar, Hagi City presented Hagi Pottery and “Natsumikans”; which are types of oranges unique to Yamaguchi Prefecture. Following, Niigata Prefecture presented the world’s first academic discipline about sake (rice wine): “Sakeology”. The Goto islands promoted their hidden Christian sides within the Nagasaki region while Yabu City held a presentation about “Asakura Sansho” which is considered a magic spice.

The second session gave visitors the unique opportunity to experience Hagi City’s pottery painting. Also, Niigata offered visitors the chance to taste 12 brands of sake while the Goto Islands substitute the sake with their delicious, local delicacies: hand-stretched Udon noodles and Tuna Sashimi. Yabu City gave a mesmerizing Calligraphy live performance and promoted the Asakura Sanshi and its yuzu citrus products (which are famous citrus fruits in Hyogo Prefecture). The seminar’s overal purpose was to contributed and to enhance foreign diplomats’ understanding of Japan’s diverse regions. It also allowed the networking amongst local governments and diplomatic corps. Accordingly, Dr Azimi and Mr. Akbari mingled amongst the honorable diplomats and the local governments’ officials.

At the seminar, Dr Azimi and Mr. Akbari expressed their most sincere thanks and gratitude towards Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the present excellencies of diplomats, and the local governments’ officials for the invitation to the event. Also, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the local, Japanese government’s expressed their greatest words of thanks towards Dr. Azimi and Mr. Akbari, and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Both sides are looking forward to the more fruitful exchange of knowledge and collaboration in the future.