Mr. Hamdard Attends 6th Annual Afghan Kite Festival


February 17, 2019: Mr. Basir Ahmad Hamdard, Chargé d'Affaires a.i. for the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tokyo and others at the embassy, had the great pleasure of attending the 6th Annual Afghan Kite Festival that was organized in collaboration with the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Japan Kite Association, Nittaidai Ebara High School, and the Japan-Afghanistan Association at Nittaidai Ebara High School’s Tamagawa River Field.

6th kite festival 2

Mr. Hamdard gave opening remarks at the festival expressing his delight in participating and gratitude to all who attended the festival. He also touched upon how the shared practice of kite flying between Japan and Afghanistan is able to bring the two countries closer together thus strengthening its ties to each other. Afterwards, Mr. Hamdard met with and thanked distinguished guests such as Honorable Mr. Kenshiro Matsunami, president of the Japan-Afghanistan Association and the Nippon Sports Science University Group, Mr. Kiyotaka Matsuda, principal of Nittaidai Ebara High School, and other organizers and sponsors who have helped make the Afghan Kite Festival possible.

agah 6th kite festival

At the festival, guests had the opportunity to fly Afghan kites made by the staff at the Embassy of Afghanistan. Guests were not only able to enjoy Japanese festival food, but they were also able to enjoy delicious Afghan chicken kebab sandwiches prepared by the Embassy of Afghanistan’s own chef. The event was enjoyable for guests of all ages but was especially proved to be a hit among younger guests.

6th kite festival