Mr. Hamdard Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Between the Republic of Kosovo and Japan and the 11th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kosovo on the Occasion of the Visit to Japan of the President of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo His Excellency Mr. Kadri Veseli.


March 14, 2019: Mr. Basir Ahmad Hamdard, First Secretary for the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tokyo, had the honor of attending the Reception for the 10th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between the Republic of Kosovo and Japan and the 11th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kosovo on the occasion of His Excellency Mr. Kadri Veseli’s visit to Japan at Hotel Okura in Tokyo.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Hamdard had the pleasure of attending a concert featuring pianists Ardita Statovci of Kosovo and Mikako Yanagisawa of Japan who played pieces such as Tomoko Iwakawa’s “Oborodzukiyo ni Yosete” and Fahri Beqiri’s “Allaturka for Piano”. Mr. Hamdard thoroughly enjoyed the pianists’ renditions of the pieces and thanked them for sharing their talents with the guests present. Following the concert at the reception, H.E Mr. Veseli, leader of the Democratic Party of Kosovo gave special remarks to guests concerning the Kosovo’s progress and its continuing relations with Japan.

At the reception, Mr. Hamdard congratulated H.E. Mr. Kadri Veseli and His Excellency Mr. Leon Malazogu, Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo, for their accomplishments and their service to the people of Kosovo. Mr. Hamdard also wished for further amicable relations between Afghanistan and Kosovo, as Afghanistan was one of the first countries to recognize Kosovo, and hopes to see further positive development in both countries and an ever stronger bond with the nation of Japan. Similarly to Afghanistan, Kosovo has endured many hardships in its history. Despite that, the spirit of tenaciousness and persevering vitality of the Kosovo people has served as a driving force in shaping Kosovo into what it is today. Kosovo’s development over the past years have served as a role model for Afghanistan and is a source of motivation for Mr. Hamdard personally as well as it is for the entire Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tokyo.

Additionally, Mr. Hamdard had the opportunity to meet and speak with the Honorable Ms. Yumi Yasuda, President of the MPI Japan Chapter, who has done a great service to Afghanistan by visiting Bamiyah and informing the Japanese public of the Afghanistan people usually do not see. In collaboration with Ms. Yasuda, was Ms. Isabelle Massabo of NHK World who helped spread Ms. Yasuda’s anecdotes as well as cover other positives stories of Afghanistan. Mr. Hamdard also met other distinguished guests such as Mr. Koh Aoki of the Active Middle International Association and Ms/Mr. Izumi Sasaki of Universal Peace Federation Japan and discussed topics of mutual interest.