Mr. Hamdard Attends the 2019 Political Forum in Support of Mr. Hiroyuki Moriyama


March 12, 2019: Mr. Basir Ahmad Hamdard, First Secretary for the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tokyo, was delighted to attend the 2019 Political Forum in support of his long time friend Mr. Hiroyuki Moriyama at Seiryokai Kaikan.

Mr. Hamdard and Mr. Moriyama’s friendship dates back to eight years ago when they first met in Osaka. There, Mr. Hamdard grew to love Japan and its people, and especially Osaka and its people. Mr. Hiroyuki Moriyama’s charitable activities are a continuous source of inspiration for Mr. Hamdard and the whole Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tokyo. Mr. Hamdard thanked Mr. Moriyama for the invitation and congratulated Mr. Moriyama on his achievements and in return, Mr. Moriyama thanked Mr. Hamdard for attending the forum in support of his efforts. In addition, Mr. Hamdard spoke with parliamentary members and diplomats who also attended the event about topics of mutual interest.