37th Peace Diplomats Forum “Japan’s International Peace Cooperation Activities: Issues and Prospects” by Universal Peace Federation at Hotel Leport Kojimachi


December 4, 2019: Deputy Chief of Mission and Chargé d'affaires a.i. Mr. Najibullah Safi had the pleasure of attending the 37th Peace Diplomats Forum hosted by the Universal Peace Federation - Japan. Themed “Japan’s International Peace Cooperation Activities: Issues and Prospects”, the forum covered the goals of the Institute for Peace Policies (IPP) in Japan, Afghanistan, and the world. The IPP affiliate Ambassadors for Peace (AAP) in Japan seeks to commission leaders from fields like politics, religions, media, academia, business, arts, civil society, and more to contribute their mission of “resolving conflict and reconciling the human family.”


The event was attended by many diplomats, ambassadors, and professionals and experts from all sectors of Japanese society. Mr. Safi was pleased with the opportunity to represent the Embassy of Afghanistan in its mission toward Afghan self-sufficiency, and the topics discussed regarding Japan’s future in this and similar missions are of great interest to the Embassy.