Mr. Safi Had a Luncheon Meeting Host by the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Tokyo

Mr. Safi

September 10, 2020: It was an honor for Mr. Najibullah Safi, Deputy Chief of Mission and CDA had a luncheon meeting host by the DCM of the embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Tokyo with the participation of Ambassador of State of Palestine and Ambassador of Republic of Maldives, DCM of India, DCM of Austria and Indonesia and other respected diplomats. They exchanged views on the long-waited peace negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban group, which is going to take place in Qatar’s capital of Doha from September 12th, 2020.

The Afghan government calls on the international communities for solidarity and continued support to the success of the peace talks. Outstanding progress which has been made in the past 19 years including the improvement of Human Rights and Women’s rights, the protection of freedom of speech, and democracy should be maintained through the negotiations.

Mr. Safi delivered a message on behalf of the people and government of Afghanistan with expectations of international supports for the further progress of dignified peace in Afghanistan.