Tolo Film Festival showcases growing film industry

April 4, 2009 (Quqnoos): ‘An Apple from Paradise’, the winner for the best film in Tolo Film Awards.

Three top Afghan movies awarded in the third series of Tolo Film Festival this year in Kabul.

Fifteen Afghan movies went for a fierce rivalry which only four of the top films received awards for best characters, performance, music and director. ‘An apple from Paradise’, ‘Turn in a Circle’ and ‘I want a horse not a woman’ are the three Afghan films prized in Tolo TV film award ceremony.

The festival was launched in the Afghan capital to appreciate the efforts of Afghan filmmakers and film stars and to encourage the Afghan film industry.

The Winners

Best Film: ‘An Apple from Paradise’

Best Actor: Rajab Hussainuf,‘An Apple from Paradise’

Best Actress: Lina Alam, ‘Turn in a Circle’

Best Director: Humayun Muruwat, ‘An Apple from Paradise’

Best Music: Qasim Ramishgar, ‘An Apple from Paradise’

Best Sound Director: Musa Rustami, ‘I want a horse not a woman’

Best Young Actor: Jawanmard Payeez, ‘I want a horse not a woman’

In the third annual Tolo Film Festival, Afghan movies, in a vast improvement to previous years, were nominated in the ceremony which made the selection process hard for the board of cinema experts.

Hamyuon Moruwat, Director of ‘An Apple from Paradise’ whose film deserved most of the awards said, “Festivals are encouraging Afghan filmmakers and it improves the industry in our country.”

Lina Alam, an Afghan film actress was admired on the stage as the best film actress of the year in Afghanistan, where a few years ago, performing in movies was a high ambition for women but only appearing in the community was a sin.

She said, “I am honored to receive this award and it really encourages Afghan female film stars to actively work in Afghan cinema.”

A young actor, Jawanmard Payeez, 11, was awarded for his amazing performance which sparks a better future of Afghan cinema.