Date Article Title
Jul 31, 2007Afghan women 'fighting for peace'
Jul 31, 2007A massive phenomenon in Afghanistan: Television
Jul 31, 2007Speakers underline tourism promotion in Bamiyan
Jul 30, 2007MAPA completes 31 mine-clearing tasks across Afghanistan
Jul 30, 200772 reconstruction plans on the anvil in Kandahar
Jul 30, 2007Japan's opposition to object aiding U.S.-led Afghan mission
Jul 29, 2007"Afghanistan Story Writing Encyclopedia" to be reviewed in Tehran
Jul 29, 2007US PRT grants $3.5m for reconstruction of Salang Highway
Jul 28, 2007Italy to grant Public Health Ministry over 3 million euros
Jul 28, 2007Township scheme in Kabul named after Baba-i-Millat
Jul 26, 2007Afghanistan: ICRC steps up support for health-care services
Jul 24, 2007Afghanistan buries its last king
Jul 23, 2007Factbox -- The five Asian countries worst hit by monsoon floods
Jul 23, 2007Last king of Afghanistan dead at 92
Jul 23, 2007Mohammad Zahir Shah, last king of Afghanistan, dies at 92
Jul 20, 2007Taliban kidnap 23 Koreans from Afghan bus: officials
Jul 20, 2007Feature: Old palaces in need of reconstruction
Jul 20, 2007Afghanistan key link between South and Central Asia
Jul 17, 2007ANBP ammunition handover ceremony to the Ministry of Defence (MoD)
Jul 17, 2007UN and Government staff raise vital funds for new maternity wing in Bamiyan
Jul 17, 200712 uplift projects completed in Herat
Jul 16, 2007Ukraine may start production of 10-15 bcm of gas in Afghanistan
Jul 15, 2007Reconstruction projects inaugurated
Jul 13, 2007Expansion planned for Afghanistan airfield
Jul 12, 2007New presidential spokesman takes charge of office
Jul 12, 2007Water supply, road projects inaugurated in Nangarhar
Jul 12, 2007U.S. to donate 186 aircraft to Afghanistan by 2012
Jul 11, 2007Afghanistan: Contaminated water supplies likely cause of increased diarrhea
Jul 11, 2007IDLO to train ministry officials
Jul 10, 2007Afghanistan to gain debt relief
Jul 10, 2007Central Asia, Afghanistan discuss open source software
Jul 09, 2007Afghan returnees seek livelihood in life-giving projects
Jul 09, 2007IMF Executive Board Completes Second Review Under the PRGF Arrangement with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Approves US$17.2 Million Disbursement, and Agrees on Afghanistan Reaching the Decision Point Under the Enhanced HIPC Initiative
Jul 08, 2007First-ever exhibition of handicrafts held in Kandahar
Jul 08, 2007US forces in Afghanistan to use local currency
Jul 06, 2007Lights from India now illuminate homes in Afghanistan
Jul 06, 2007Work on $12m road project gets under way in Kunar
Jul 05, 2007Turkmenistan to supply Afghanistan free electricity
Jul 02, 2007Kunduz custom revenue more than doubles
Jul 02, 2007Afghan justice conference meets in Rome
Jul 02, 2007Number of private airlines in Afghanistan set to climb
Jul 02, 2007$360 million pledged for Afghanistan
Jul 01, 2007Solar energy, water supply schemes completed in Logar