Ambassador Fatimie meets with Dr. Nakamura, Ms. Fujita of Peshawar-kai

March 3, 2011: Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimi welcomed to the Embassy Peshawarkai’s Dr. Tetsu Nakamura and Ms. Chiyoko Fujita, Director of Peace Medical Services’ station hospital in Peshawar. From the Embassy, Dr. Bashir Mohabbat, Deputy Chief of Mission, and Mr. Jason Pratt, Public Affairs Officer, also attended the meeting.

Ambassador Fatimie and Dr. Nakamura have had a long and close relationship as previously Dr. Nakamura had personally provided Ambassador Fatimie with very effective treatment.

Ambassador Fatimie offered, on behalf of the Government and people of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, deepest gratitude for Dr. Nakamura’s more than two decades of dedication to humanitarian activities in the region, and expressed appreciation for Ms. Fujita’s efforts and bravery at the station hospital, which has done much to help Afghans living in and around Peshawar. Ambassador Fatimie offered the cooperation of the Embassy in assisting the organization as possible.

Ambassador Fatimie also took the opportunity to pay recognition to the honorable work of the late Mr. Kazuya Ito, remembering his effective work and his closeness with the people, assuring Dr. Nakamura that Mr. Ito’s efforts and kind heart will never be forgotten.

Dr. Nakamura briefed the Ambassador on the activities of Peshawar-kai, particularly in Nangarhar and Kunar provinces, explaining the dedicated approaches to improving irrigation and agriculture, among other issues. Dr. Nakamura said that he will continue to dedicate his own life for the betterment of the lives of Afghans.

In recognition of the great service of Peshawar-kai and Peace Medical Services, and to show gratitude for the personal dedication of Dr. Nakamura and Ms. Fujita to Afghanistan and Afghans, Ambassador Fatimie presented his guests with letters of appreciation.

(Picture: Ambassador Fatimie presents Dr. Nakamura with a letter of appreciation.)

(Picture: Ambassador Fatimie presents Ms. Fujita with a letter of appreciation.)